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Cast Iron Marine Manifold


Warsaw Foundry Company is a leader in providing the highest quality castings to a variety of industries. Our work with the marine industry is long standing and we are qualified to produce the complicated castings that this industry requires. Designed to be used as part of a boat's exhaust system, this marine manifold was cast using automotive gray cast iron per SAE G3000 and green sand molds. We used our Hunter 20-C, 20" X 24" flask automated molding machine, U-180 shell core, and core assembly in the manufacturing process. Quality controls included final inspection, pressure testing at 40 psi, visual inspection, and Brinell hardness testing. Each manifold weighed 42.24 lbs and was cast to tolerances of ±.030". This production run consisted of 1,000 pieces and was completed in 5 weeks. Working with Warsaw Foundry brings together quality castings and exceptional customer service. Count on us to meet all your casting needs. The details of this cast iron manifold project are outlined in the table below. Please contact us today with any additional inquiries.
Product Description This Manifold is used on a Boat's Exhaust System.
Casting Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Green Sand Molding

Secondary: Shot blast Grinding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Hunter 20-C; (20X24 flask)

U-180 shell core

Core assembly

Casting Weight

42.24 pounds

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.030″

Material Used

Automotive Gray Cast Iron per SAE G3000

Material Finish

Color: Cast Gray

In process testing/inspection performed

Final Inspection, Pressure Tested at 40 psi, Visual Inspection
Brinell Hardness Testing

Industry for Use

Marine Industry


1,000 annually

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4-5 weeks typically

Delivery Location

Natural Bridge Station, Virginia

Standards Met

Customer Specifications as per drawing

Product Name

Marine Manifold