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A customer that we have proudly produced parts for since the late 1980s recently (2022) approached us about a crankcase for one of their industrial air compressors. It houses the crankshaft, crank, and connecting rods all while reducing vibration. This 49.5 lb class 30 gray iron crankcase takes a 44 lb isocure core which is placed into a mold made on a Hunter 20 (20x24). Warsaw foundry produces shell and oil cores inhouse, and we outsource isocure cores to a local supplier. Final inspection includes a brinell hardness test and visual inspection.
Product Description Cast Iron Crankcase in an air compressor engine
Equipment Used

Hunter 20 (20×24 Flask)

Outsourced Isocure Core

Casting Weight

49.5 lbs




Gray Iron Class 30 (G3000)

Quality Inspection

Brinell Harndness

Visual Inspection


Industrial Air Compressor


1000 Annually

Lead Times

10 Weeks

State Served