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This horseshoe is poured in ductile iron 65-45-12. The shell core for this casting is produced on a D-100 or D-200 shell core machine, and one core actually makes two castings. The design of the pattern and core box allows for more parts per mold and achieves a finer surface finish on the lettering side of the horseshoe. Typical surface finsihes will fall under the scope of normal ferrous green sand, but the core sand used to produce horseshoes achieves the finer finish. Ductile iron is used for it's impact resistance and higher tensile strength.
Product Description Various sizes of horseshoes
Equipment Used

Hunter 10 (14×19 Flask)

D-100 (shell core) or D-200 (shell core)

Casting Weight

.5 – 2.2 lbs




Ductile Iron 65-45-12

Quality Inspection

Brinell Harndness

Visual Inspection


Equine / Agriculture


2000 Annually

Lead Times

10 Weeks

State Served