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Refractory Hanger

This ductile iron hanger is used to suspend refractory for large industrial furnances. This hanger is used in multiple industries inluding but not limited to; glass, aluminum, copper, steel, and cement. The material, High Siclicon Ductile Iron (Hi-Si-Di), promotes a microstructure that provides a strong, wear and tear resistant casting. Made on our Hunter 10 (14x19) with one shell core per casting, this casting weighs approximately 1.62 lbs after finishing. Before shipment this part is brinell hardness tested and visually inspected.
Product Description Suspended refractory hanger for industrial furnaces
Equipment Used

Hunter 10 (14×19 Flask)

D-100 (shell core) or D-200 (shell core)

Casting Weight

1.62 lbs




Ductile Iron (Hi-Si-Di)

Quality Inspection

Brinell Harndness

Visual Inspection


Furnace Refractory


12,000 Annually

Lead Times

12 Weeks

State Served